Sunday, 19 June 2016

Happy Families

I must apologise that there have been so few posts this month. June is always a busy month for educationalists and at this time I am marking exam papers for OCR which is eating up most of my online time. However, I just have this opportunity to make this quick post with footage I got from hedge cam showing a badger family out for a forage.

Friday, 3 June 2016

Otter Cam - renamed Perch Cam

Otter Cam is now up and running however finding a suitable location is proving difficult. Its hard to get to a good location by the river which has a handy tree to lock it to and is away from prying eyes.
So I wasn't completely disappointed I positioned it overlooking a perch which might catch some interesting birds.

When I checked the camera 3 days after installations I had 755 activation's each 10 seconds long all were triggered by a wayward nettle and revealed a single Moorhen and a couple and of course this magnificent chap on the perch.

In the nest few days Otter/Perch cam will be moving to the backwater stream and be situated a little lower down.